The last few days in Prague were really nice. The rain finally let up and the sun was out. We decided to take advantage of the weather and we took two trips to Sazava.

Sazava is a small town where my dad’s family used to have a summer home.

My dad’s godfather also used to live in Sazava. At the bottom of his driveway is a religious shrine and a type of wishing well. Long story short–if you are able to put your fingers in the holes in the bottom of the basin, your wish will come true.


IMG_1018 IMG_1019

On the tracks near the well.


There’s a joke between my uncle and me about the names of rivers. Most of it is lost in translation on my side but if you see a river, it’s safe to assume it’s the Sazava River.


Me and My Devin.


Me and my dad.


And that’s Sazava…



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