Just around Ricany

Most of our time was spent in Ricany where my uncle lives. Nearly every day we visited a local pizza shop. Sometimes you just had to stick with what you knew. We also frequented the local bakery where we enjoyed some delicious pastries.  Also on our favorite list was the gelato shop which was conveniently a few doors down from the pizza place.


And yes, Katelyn got her first taste of ice cream.  We are pretty sure she would have eaten the entire cone had we let her.


We would also often go to the street farmers’ market to get produce. The last few days we were there, there were some extra booths with some candy, cookies, and these marzipan pastries. Too cute to pass up.


Castles, castles, castles are everywhere. Even in Ricany there are castle ruins.


My uncle always called Katelyn smisek, which roughly translated means smiley face. Near my uncles house we found this house that had this sign so we took a picture next to it.


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