If you could see it now

If you could see our apartment now, you’d think we just moved in yesterday. Today, I’ve taken a vacation (for the most part) from cleaning.

In our living room we have five totes that we decided needed purging and organizing. We didn’t get too far last night but the project continues.

There are four loads of laundry (clean, thank you very much) screaming my name, spread about the living room. I gave up on folding them after Katelyn unfolded the half of a load I so meticulously folded and stacked.

There are bits of Katelyn’s dinner on the kitchen floor, though not as much as there was thanks to her after dinner grazing.

For the 17th time this week there are packets of jello, hot chocolate, drink mixes, and microwave popcorn scattered amongst the food bits in the kitchen, mingled with KitchenAid attachments. Who needs actual baby toys?

This all because Little Miss Katelyn decided she didn’t need an afternoon nap today. That combined with a my favorite perk of nursing suddenly disappearing yesterday (bumm-er), I’d say we’re in pretty good decent acceptable livable shape.

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