10 Months

Apparently this has become a blog of Katelyn updates. I’m running low on blogging ideas.

Today I took Katelyn’s 10-monthers. Ten months. It’s crazy.

But first, here are a few things about our little Brown-Eyed Bug.

She has recently started the official babble. I know. Ten months. Take your time little one. She’s always been pretty vocal but just hasn’t quite figured out what to do with the voice until a little later than “normal.”  But we love it. Especially when she seems to gear up for it by closing her eyes and filling her cheeks with air and letting out a big “bah-bah!” It’s great. Here’s a little clip.


She loves, loves her books. Especially the “Where is Baby’s Mommy” flap book series. She likes to choose which books she reads at bedtime and when given a choice between a flap book and any other, it’s always the flap books. So cute.


We finally decided it was time to make her sleep through the night. Seems like it should have happened a long time ago but with all the traveling, moving, and her getting sick we had to get the rest of her ducks in a row first. It wasn’t too difficult and she did pretty well. Until she got sick last week. After two hours of her fussing off and on in the middle of the night, I decided to go check on her and when I did I immediately realized she had a fever. So everything was fun for the next several days. But she has slowly gotten back to her normal, happy, babbling self.

So here are the pictures from today.



She loves her Pooh Bear that Gramps got her.








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  1. Oh man when I saw that second picture in the grass I immediately thought she looks A TON like you as a baby. And I always thought she looked like Devin

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