Behold, the cake

On Sunday, Devin and I took the opportunity to make a cake for Katelyn while she was napping. We made it from scratch and baked four small cakes (resulting in two, double layer cakes) in ramekins, which worked out quite well. Unfortunately, we forgot about the cakes after we turned off the timer. So, they got slightly over cooked. A little dry but delicious. So here it is complete with a lovely soft pink butter cream frosting.



And now to the good part. All week Katelyn practiced her blowing skills but it didn’t quite translate to the candle as all she wanted to do was touch it. No surprise there.

Uh, not so sure what to do with it…


Getting the hang of it…


There we go!


Oh yeah…


And in case all these pictures just aren’t enough, here are some more video clips for your enjoyment.

4 thoughts to “Behold, the cake”

  1. Too cute! We especially loved how she kept throwing the spoon down and shoving her face into the cake.

  2. This is the best! If you are wondering why your videos have so many views, it’s because Macy insisted on watching the singing one literally 4 times in a row. “Baby KAte-win!”

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