Wake-up call

I have added to my feeder reader the BYU Women’s Services and Resources blog. I enjoy reading the posts because they seem to get the concept of integrating Gospel concepts into real life. In light of one of my recent posts, the kind gals at BYU WSR made a post that I totally needed.

The post titled Perfectionism calls attention to a few things in a way that I never thought of before. Or perhaps I just forgot. I like how the author talks about doing things for yourself because you enjoy them. They recently organized a 10-day body image challenge.  Though I didn’t really participate, I read a few of the challenges. One that I’ve tried to implement lately is exercising for the right reasons–for me because it’s relaxing, rejuvenating, and feels good. (Not because of all those cookies I ate last night…)

So here’s to having a clean home because I enjoy cleaning and enjoy having a clean home. Here’s to being ok with that pile of unfinished projects calling my name. Here’s to the things I’ve made lately (that I will post about soon…promise) that I can be proud of. Here’s to spending time with my daughter exploring, reading, and playing.

Don’t give yourself to these thoughts. You can still be wonderful. You will still accomplish great things. Satan would have you give your heart away to menial, temporary things—he would distract you from your life’s mission.” –Sofia of BYU WSR

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