Hello again Houston

I’m in Houston for the week. Can’t pass up a super good deal so Katelyn and I came out on Saturday for a surprise visit. We managed to keep things a surprise for both of my parents. It was great having Katelyn waddle in and get their reaction when they realized who it was.

The rest of my family was able to delay my mom’s birthday celebration long enough for me to be here. We had the recent Sal family favorite dinner–Cafe Rio/Taco Del Mar burrito bar.

After dinner we continued the tradition of making or decorating a crazy cake for my mom. I’m not sure exactly when that started but my dad got us kids involved in my mom’s cake when we were little. Some years they were delicious, like the box of See’s candy with candles on top. There were probably more disasters or “artistic duds”, like homemade ice cream cake that consisted of two blocks of ice cream with rapidly melting cool whip. But each one has been quite memorable.

This year we got the grand kids involved. We went for a generic store-bought ice cream cake. We had the older kiddos contribute with their best work of gummy worms and M&M’s. However, we underestimated how much of a temptation the candy would be for those little ones and not as much ended up on the cake. Here you can see little Miss E helping herself to the sugar at the bottom of the gummy worm bag. Who can blame her?


Bah Bah was nice enough to let the three of them help blow out the candles. All seven of them.


There were a few clothing casualties but in the end they did a pretty good job.


So happy late birthday Mom!

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  1. Thank you Brittany, and everyone else. It’s always exciting to see what kind of cake I’m going to get,

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