Other random things we did

On Thursday we had a cookie making party. Everyone made Christmas treats to save for the holidays. I made broccoli soup for everyone for lunch. During the chaos of it all, my dad and I decided to take all the kiddos to the park. Two adults taking four kids two and under to the park could be difficult. This is when I was glad that I insisted we purchase a stroller that reclined flat. No need for a double stroller, thank you very much.



I think they were both a little confused at what was going on but it worked out great.

Katelyn and M are definitely related. Both of them spent plenty of time pushing around strollers–sometimes with little D in it who may have almost had a spill. But he didn’t. That’s what counts. And it wasn’t my daughter who almost did it. Just for the record.


The easiest part of the park time was the swings. I love these pictures. Matching pink girls just hanging out.



And then M joined in on the fun.


Little D was just hanging in the stroller which works just fine for this stationary dude.


Got the lighting and angle just right on this one. Love those eyes.


Later Katelyn decided she wanted to break free and explore the parking lot.

Just me and my shadow.



Little H had her try at the grass. She’s now attempting to take a few steps but still speeding around on all fours. 



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  1. Do I have the cutest grand kids in the world or what? Love the two girlies dressed in matching pink

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