Happy 6th Anniversary

Last Saturday we celebrated six years of being married. Due to recent events of first trimester woes, Devin picking up where I left off, and Katelyn often being bored of being stuck inside all day, we kept things low-key. In the end, we couldn’t have asked for a better day.

While the rest of the country was experiencing snow, freezing rain, icy winds, and even blackouts, we enjoyed sun and 75 degrees of glory. We took advantage of the weather by having an early dinner in the park. A lovely spread of sandwiches, chips, pudding cups and soda pop was delicious.

Katelyn even sat down for a few minutes to enjoy a few grapes.


But it wasn’t long before she was up and chasing after her ball.


She had fun with daddy.


And even got her mommy off her tush for a while, too.


It’s days like this that we are reminded why we moved to California.

A perfect day with my best guy and my best gal.

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