There are some AMAZING women out there

In the recent months I’ve been completely amazed by some women that I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about. I’m constantly in awe by those who are moms, do it because they love doing it, and are completely awesome at it.

Some women are given challenges that I can only knock on wood that I don’t find myself in. As I’ve talked to them and asked questions I’m only more impressed by how they handle it and do it with such grace and gratitude.

One woman I know is expecting baby #6. Four of the first five were delivered naturally. She home-schools her children. She uses cloth diapers (a project in itself). And I’m sure there are many other things about her that I’ve yet to discover.

Another woman I know has twins. Fortunately for her, she had wonderful doctor(s) who allowed her to do a vaginal birth. I was also amazed to learn that she nursed her babies for 9 and 11 months. I can’t help but think about her when I hear other women complain about the time, energy, and dedication that it takes to nurse one baby and simply don’t do it because they don’t want to. (Don’t misunderstand–some women don’t have the choice. Others do.)

Yet another woman I know had four children, ages three and under. (I say “had” because they are now a bit older).  An amazing mom with twins she diligently nursed the twins for six months. (And BTW, why are there over a half-dozen sets of twins in our ward? Should I be worried?) What’s even more amazing is that for three of those six months, she was pregnant with baby number four. She has her rough days but keeps it real by sharing both the rough and precious moments with those around her. A truly inspiring woman.

And though controversial, I am, in certain ways, impressed with the Octomom. In her most recent appearance on Oprah, I was so impressed when I found out that about a month prior, she stopped having hired help around the house. She goes it alone. Few women would really do that. I’m baffled by so many women who have child after child and can’t seem to handle things on their own.  I’m shocked when families having one or even two children demand dinners from the Relief Society when the smallest challenge comes along. Yes, there are tragic circumstances but in everyday woes it is possible to anticipate and accept the consequences of your choices. Life is hard, no doubt. But that doesn’t mean you get to dump your responsibilities on everyone else on a regular basis.

So in a nutshell, there are still great women out there. Times are different than they were 20+ years ago but modern-day challenges can still define great women.

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