Tabasco–here’s the thing…

I love it. I think I have a problem.

Some time in January we purchased a delicious 12 ounce bottle from Costco. Now, three to three and a half months later, it is just a few servings short of being gone. I think for most people the Costco jug is usually good for many months, perhaps years.

Last week we had a house full of colds. When it finally made its round to me a few days ago Devin asked what I wanted for dinner. My favorite thing when I’m sick is something hot to soothe my throat and spicy to clear the sinuses. I named a few things to which Devin stated the obvious of “that’s not spicy…” Well, maybe not for him but when you add a Brittany serving of Tabasco it certainly is spicy.

I think I get it from my dad, though I’m pretty sure I load much more on than he does.

Next time I think I’ll go for the gallon jug from Amazon

One thought to “Tabasco–here’s the thing…”

  1. Tabasco sunrise
    Helping of Tabasco (!)
    Lemon juice to your liking
    3/4 glass of cold watter
    Top if off with ice

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