Maybe I should blog a little

I hit a few walls in the blogging world lately.

1) My computer—she decided the internet wasn’t for her and made my life difficult. She had a checkup with the computer doctor (Devin) who stripped her of Windows XP and gave her a dose of 7. So far, so good.

2) Someone thinks they are two, not a year and a half. That someone has refused to take a bath twice this week and is suddenly not fond of teeth brushing, among other things.

3) That someone is the only thing I can ever think to blog about and since I don’t want to bore you, I’ve refrained from trying to entertain. But be warned, her 18-month checkup is tomorrow so I’ll load on the bore after that.

4) Energy seems to be stuck in idle position. Story of my life? Could be.

5) I could be doing weekly pregnancy updates like I did with Katelyn. However, being on week 20…something I’ve clearly lost motivation to take weekly pictures or even keep track of how far along I am. I have a checkup next week.  I’ll let you know how far I am when they tell me next week.

But other than that, we have actually done some fun things lately.

Saturday we went to an aviation museum. Munchkin loved it. She’s quite fond of airplanes and helicopters and pretty much anything you can find in the sky.

We flew a fighter jet…


We looked over all the aircrafts hanging from the ceiling…


We watched planes take off from the viewing window…


We flew a helicopter with Daddy…


We played on the stairs of the viewing platform…


We sat in a jet engine for half a second for a picture…


But the best part was watching the planes from the viewing platform…

Katelyn now enjoys exclaiming something that sounds like a cross between whoa and wow when she sees them.

And now she is unusually attached to the airplane book we got at the library today.  She’s going to love visiting her cousin Isaac in a few days because I’m sure she still has lots of airplane books.

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