What a Munchkin

Katelyn is (one of) our pride and joy. She continually tests our patience but we all have fun as we continue to learn together.

The day before Abby’s blessing, while we had what seemed like 1,001 people in our apartment, Katelyn was doing to usual and taking a nap. When she woke up, she was content to play around in her bed as she often does so I went about my busy business, occasionally checking on her. Within her reach there is a cabinet which we keep a few kiddo items along with all of our office supplies. I saw that she had pulled open one of the drawers and began sorting through the usual items of pony tail holders, wipe packs, etc.  A few minutes later I came back to see if she was ready to get out of bed.

I gasped.

My first reaction was to get mad but that quickly turned to laughter and I surveyed the damage.

Devin grabbed the camera which didn’t begin to capture the moment quite the same. It never does.


Fortunately for us she knew that vaseline is used for your skin and not the walls. It was also a plus that she was still in her bed and not roaming around.

Though the container was small, she nearly emptied it.

A little vaseline goes a long way. 

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