Abby’s Baby Blessing

We had Abby’s baby blessing August 28—one month after she was born.  My parents were still staying with us and Devin’s brother, Kennon, and mom were able to be there as well.  Her are some pictures from the day she was blessed and a few days later with her in her blessing dress.  My mom made the beautiful dress out of leftover lace from my wedding dress. 

Here is a picture of all the family that was there.


Here is our new little family.


With Mommy and Daddy.


With her sissy.


The rest of the pictures are from a few days later and would be considered her five week pictures.



IMG_0276 IMG_0269

A close-up on the dress. Both Katelyn and Abby wore the booties that my mom made for me to wear when I was blessed.


IMG_0285   IMG_0290





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  1. Your mom does such a great job! The dress is perfect for your beautiful baby girl! I love the pictures, too!

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