Slowly settling in

Since Abby came around, we came to realize that we are probably going to be in this apartment for some time longer. How long, we aren’t sure. But I figured I should but some sort of personal touch to it.

So now in girls’ room there are some decorations. Finally.

I saw these cute little butterflies at Target. Just foam cutouts but still fun.



Just after Abby was born (I know, I’ve got some catching up to do) I put together these little numbers.



They have their names, birthdays, and the hats they got in to hospital.

We’ve had this shelf for a while but it’s nice to have something for both the girls now. Even though Abby still resides in our room…yes, still.


And PS, this lovely quilt my mom made for me years ago.  All by hand. As in no machine. I think.

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