Trip to Utah

Back in October we took a trip to Utah for a few days. Here are a few of the highlights.

We stayed with Devin’s sister and her family where Katelyn enjoyed plenty of play time with her cousin Brooklyn.


We had a pajama party which lasted just long enough to snap a picture and concluded shortly after that with bedtime routines.


We had a lovely family dinner where afterwards we celebrated Katelyn’s second birthday. This is when she learned about presents and got to enjoy some cake.




All the kiddos enjoyed burning off the sugar with bubbles.

IMG_0163  IMG_7987

Abby and Grandpa Collier even got in on the action.


Katelyn also enjoyed her time playing with her Aunt Sarah who was Katelyn and Brooklyn’s personal hair dresser.


And we can’t escape a Collier get-together without the dreaded family picture.  We all survived and almost everyone was looking.


Then we tried to get all the grandkids with Grandma and Grandpa.



Hmmm….what am I forgetting. 

Oh, yes.  Abby stayed in character and cried the whole weekend.


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  1. I went to California and didn’t visit you. You came to Utah and didn’t visit me. We’re even.

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