Thanksgiving Vacation

We were lucky to have another year with a one week vacation for Thanksgiving.  This year we also had the special treat of having Devin’s sister Megan and her family come to stay with us for nearly the whole week.  It was a week packed with fun.

We went to the zoo. Which really isn’t much of a zoo but the girls had fun playing on the huge playground and going on the kiddie rides.

Devin had the privilege of chasing Katelyn up the giant playground structure and going with her down the slides.


Katelyn and Brooklyn loved the ladybug ride, though they weren’t too sure about it at first.


Katelyn was also a fan of the car ride where she could “drive, drive, beep, beep” all by herself, in a fire truck, too!


At the end of that day, we took a ride on the carousel where we got one smile for me taking the picture.


Which then quickly turned into the “it’s way past my nap time” look.



In addition to the zoo, we spent a few hours walking around downtown SF, checked out Temple Hill, took a drive down the coast, got some shopping in, and a few other things.

On Thanksgiving day we had a full house…er, cardboard box. And though things were crowded, we were able to get some finger painting in before the dinner making got crazy.


By dinner time, Devin’s brother Kennon and his girlfriend also joined us making a total of 10 people in a place too small for four. But we all managed to gather around the table to enjoy a fabulous meal.

Aside from all  that, we just did some hanging around and enjoyed the company.


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