Tut, tut. It looks like rain…

With the arrival of Abby and her…uh, difficultness, Katelyn has learned to embrace the TV. She never cared for it before until Devin took the liberty of putting Winnie the Pooh videos on the TiVo. After that, there was no turning back.

One day she wanted to play outside with the umbrella where for about a half hour she danced around saying, “Tut, tut. A-rain.  Tut, tut. A-rain.”


Some days to keep entertained she finds some fun outfits. She’s particularly fond on her swim suit.


Few outfits are complete without a snuggle shirt.


This girl couldn’t be more obsessed with shoes. Her shoes. My shoes. Devin’s shoes. Even Abby’s shoes she’ll attempt to put on. I clean up more shoes throughout the day than toys.


How can you not love this Munchiekin?


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