A stroller update

I just have to add this or it wouldn’t be right.

For the days leading up to moving here we spent hours researching what we should do for a stroller while here. Since there is no perfect stroller, we decided to drag the old Graco along for the ride and just see what happened.

We quickly realized that even though the girls actually rode together in it quite well, it wasn’t going to last. It’s great for a mall stroll but just wasn’t going to cut it for daily use on sidewalks, not to mention cobblestone.

So we took the plunge. I’ve wanted a Phil & Teds stroller for the longest time. I think the doubles kit is genius. We found used ones to be more available and less expensive than in the states.

The stroller coupled with the rain cover…I am in love.


(You can see a smidgen of Abby in the back).


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