What you find when you can’t find what you are looking for

Today and last Tuesday the girls
and I attempted to try out a new play group. The one that we’ve gone to a few times is great but they charged a whopping £10 for both the girls to go. That’s about $16. When you add in the bus ride there and back your talking about $20 for what they get for free during nursery on Sunday!
I found a listing online for one that has a suggested £1 donation and is about a ten minute walk from here.
The weird thing is, we keep going to it but all we find is this.

Hot chocolate and muffins.
Last week I tried using the new map app. I got confused, turned around, and lost for a moment. After realizing we were on the wrong side of town and already wasted money on a bus ride, we settled for the coffee shop instead.
Today we went the right way only to find a sign saying its cancelled for half-term (school break).
We will try again next week.

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