Let the countdown begin

We’ve begun the countdown. Forty-something days and I’m getting anxious…excited…stressed. There is so much more that we want to do and see. There are so many things we are looking forward to as we get back to a more normal life. And yet, I have to begin to organize my thoughts so I can organize my life enough to pack to go home (ugh) and prep myself for the apartment unpacking when we get home (double ugh).
Now, don’t get me wrong. This place ain’t bad. Not bad at all. I love walking places and the occasional public transport trip. But oh to drive a car again. That has been one of our bigger adjustments.
On the flip side, I fear I will miss this apartment. It’s tough to get something this size (within our desired price range) and this new/nice/clean. I try to keep myself focused by telling myself how silly the clothes washer/dryer is. Or how I could totally live without the remote operated/automatic vertical blinds. They sounded cool until I realized remotes with children constantly get lost, the blinds are programmable…ish(ie they try to guess what and when to do something but are usually wrong), they occasionally respond to the TV remote and at times they try to eat my children.

Buy let’s be honest, just like strollers there ain’t no perfect apartment.
Or at least ill just keep telling myself that.

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