Latest Random Act of Kindness

Devin and I just had a conversation about what constitutes a random act of kindness. Is it something that is anonymous? Is it something needed or just extra? Either way, we did something kind today.

As I was in a grocery store getting a treat for another drive-in movie adventure, Devin noticed a mild confrontation between a family and a patron of the store. The family of five was positioned at the exit of the parking lot and held a sign asking for food and money for rent. It wasn’t clear what the conversation was about but the family in need tugged at our heart strings. We drove by a couple times to try to casually see what the sign said. Finally we decided just to ask what they were in need of. Their simple reply was sandwiches.

So we drove a block away to a less expensive store and purchased bread, PB&J, cheese and ham, bananas, milk and a smile in the form M&Ms.

It’s always difficult for us to decide if we should offer something in this type of situation and honestly, we usually don’t. Today we had some extra time to donate to the cause and have been feeling especially blessed with our financial situation lately.

Hopefully this young family will benefit from our help and have the opportunity in life to pay it forward.

2 thoughts to “Latest Random Act of Kindness”

  1. It seems that dogs are on receiving end of such acts more that people.
    A lady has given Gogo a cup of ice water and two sausage patties while we were sitting outside Macadoos and me having my usual java.
    It felt kinda weird that the dog got such attention from a stranger.

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