Facing the changes

The more kids I have, the more I struggle with finding the time and energy to give each child what they need. Not only what they need, but what I need and what we both want. It’s a challenge adding another munchkin to the mix simply because we all have to switch gears and get used to permanent changes. Katelyn and Abby have generally been pretty good with the changes. I can see that once we get back to regular life and routine they’ll be even more comfortable.

Early this week Abby hit a wall with major protests to nap time. So much so that a few days I didn’t have a lot of choice but to give in. I couldn’t compete with her physically. The last few days have been much better as I’ve made lunch and nap time a priority.
Katelyn has been struggling differently. In her own quiet way she’s let me know that she needs some one-on-one time. She misses Devin while he’s at work more than she used to. She sees that Jacob and visitors are taking up more of her time with us and is sensitive about it. There have been several occasions when we are apart for a short time and she tells me she missed me. So sweet.

So though it’s been nice to have family help with katelyn and Abby, I look forward to getting back to our little family.

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