Jacob’s birth story — it’s a boy!

The time finally came. Our long awaited for baby boy was born! One of my worries was that he was actually a girl, not the boy that the ultrasound tech told us he was. I was relieved when I heard the words, “it’s a boy.”

The mood in the room was light. The anesthesiologist was entertaining. He’s a little old Chinese man that no one could understand. Any time he talked someone would say “what?” and he’d repeat what he said. It was hard not to laugh as I listened to all the conversations.

When baby came out, as was custom, the blue curtain was lowered so Devin and I could take our first look. My initial impressions were first, he was very white. He didn’t have much color to him and wasn’t covered in…gook. Second, he looked very much like a boy. Some babies you just can’t tell but ours was definitely a little old man.

Here is our little one just after arriving, being monitored for oxygen.


He came out screaming. Similar to katelyns first cry, it’s a high one. I didn’t get the chance to meet him in the OR because his oxygen levels were not stable. The nurses tending to him debated taking a chest X-ray but held off because they couldn’t hear anything in his lungs and he stabilized once they laid him on his tummy.

Here he is still being monitored.



My doctor is simply a hoot. When he was nearly finished putting my guts back together he said, “ok, see you again at five o’clock!” I assured him I only needed one c-section that day and didn’t need to see him again in the OR.

Devin went on with the baby for his first bath (something I’m sad about missing as a c-section-er) and all those initial doings of things…whatever they do. I went on to the recovery room where, as hard as I tried, I couldn’t get my toes to move. In a weird way it’s fun to try.

Who doesn’t love baby toes?


Immediate recovery was a breeze. I felt good and was alert. Oddly, I don’t really remember the first moment of seeing or holding him. I know I fed him while in the recovery room but that’s about it.

After that I was transferred to my room where I spent the next five days and four nights with our newest baby burrito.

Baby’s first bath.



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