The other nurses

And then there are the other nurses. A few were great. Specifically, the one who finally got me the right ice pack. (More to come on the ice pack shenanigans). Too bad I forgot her name.

There was Margot. I only had her for a few hours before I was discharged. Best thing about her is she announced herself before coming in the room. She also hooked me up with extra supplies to take home and walked us to our car, helping to transport our belongings. She was great.

But then there is the nurse who didn’t respond to my call button. Twice. And I waited for over an hour. At 1am. Then she tried to give me another round of meds when she just gave me some. And she had this crazy glitter hair clip that only ten-year-olds wear. But that’s another issue in itself.

Then there is the one who didn’t care to take care of me. She never offered to do anything. She was in and out before you could say anything. Then she tried to throw away my coveted ice pack but only after she refused to refill it after it fell on the floor.

But perhaps the best move of these “others” was the one who let me and my two neighboring moms sleep in after a rough night. How refreshing it was to wake up at 8:30am. Wonderful.

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