My favorite nurse

Let me tell you about my favorite nurse.

A nurse can make or break your day, night, even your entire experience. They are up in your grill constantly. Or so they should be.

There are the ones you love and address them by name. There are the ones who are good but you forget their names. And then there are the ones you vow never to forget until you finally call the “have a comment or question?” hotline and relay your experience.

Gerry was the one we loved. She was there the first evening. As she introduced herself, we looked at each other as if we knew one another. Turns out she was one of my nurses when I was there with Abby. (And my favorite then, too!)

Gerry was patient, funny, thorough, friendly, efficient, no nonsense, there when you needed her (and welcome when you didn’t) and seriously made sure I was taken care of.

During some small talk, Devin mentioned how I was looking forward to the cheesecake. That evening she managed to round up three extra slices of cheesecake for me. Awesome!

The day before we went home there was a splitting of shifts. One nurse (that I didn’t care for) had to leave in the afternoon. Gerry picked up my room, as I was the only one at my end of the hall. And once again she delivered.

She had house keeping in my room minutes after I mentioned the floor hadn’t been swept for two days. She did some “butt kissing” (her words) to get me some extra cheesecake again. She made sure I had everything I needed to take a shower. She decided I needed a good nights rest so she sought out for a quiet kit which had earplugs, an eye mask and a few other items.

How could I not love her?!

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