Jacob’s birth story — hospital food

It’s not a true hospital experience until you experience the food.

For years now, (yes, years) sequoia hospital has been under construction and thus has no actual cafeteria. So naturally, the food is awesome. (Can you sense the sarcasm?)

Generally, you have two different entrĂ©e options for any given meal with a few choices of sides and drinks. The “system” goes something like the following:

Nurse initially gives you a menu.
You mark your selections.
Return the menu to the nurse or take it to the nurse’s station.
Your order is entered into the “system.”
The “food” people work hard to prepare your meal by pressing microwave buttons.
Your meal, as requested, is delivered with a menu for the next meal.
You give the new completed menu to the “food” person collecting the empty trays.

That’s the process, or how it’s supposed to be…maybe. No one really knows.

The nurses don’t have the menus. The food people don’t provide the menus. No one knows what time they need to be turned in. Food never comes on time anyway. The tray collectors are nowhere to be seen. Or, they trash your menu with the rest of your rubbish. And so on and so forth.

Of all the meals during my five day stay, one was correct. Every other one was wrong in some way or there was that time when I didn’t get dinner until 7pm because of a mix up.

The nice thing, however, is that you can always get a guest tray. Of course it’s always a crapshoot of what’s on that tray, too. Because some items were questionable, I’d always order a guest tray even when Devin wasn’t there. With the two trays combined, I somehow had decent meals.

For your enjoyment, here is a picture of the “celebration” dinner. A lovely rice and bean slop with roll, sparkling apple cider and cheesecake.


It was just missing the fine linen napkin.

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