Jacob’s birth story — Two girls and a boy

About a month before my due date we had an FHE lesson on welcoming a new baby to the family. I was surprised how receptive the girls were when we talked about washing hands, asking to hold the baby, how to hold a baby, etc. They practiced with their dolls up to Jacob’s arrival. I definitely recommend taking the time to do this.

Katelyn and Abby had been excited for months to meet their baby brother. We even made a countdown chain. :)

Katelyn has been especially curious, loving and helpful. Here she is holding him for the first time. She instantly fell in love.


Abby is curious but often could care less.


On day four in the hospital (Easter Sunday) I pumped a bottle of milk so that the girls could help feed Jacob. It was a precious moment to have them so involved with their new brother.



I think most second+ time moms will tell you one of the hardest things about having another baby is the time you have to spend away from your other children while you are in the hospital. It’s especially hard when you are there four or five days. I looked forward to seeing my girls everyday. I’m so thankful that my parents and Devin could bring them to visit everyday.


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  1. So sweet! Great FHE idea. Love the new blog look! And thanks for letting me visit you today. And thanks for letting me talk out some stuff. XO

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