The Jakester–3 months

This big boy hit three months back on the 17th. He’s still keeping us guessing and busy with his non-napping nonsense. Over 3-4 days he’ll have one day when he naps well, one night when he sleeps especially well (even through the night), and one day when daytime is especially difficult.


He has become a big smiler (when rested) and has discovered his hands. They are always a clammy, sticky mess.
These two goofballs still adore him. They crashed the photo session, as you can see.

This kid loves to be held and it’s breaking my back and toning my arms.

It’s interesting how we get so many comments about who he looks like–katelyn or Abby. These were all taken at three months (katelyn, jake, then Abby). What do you think?




3 thoughts to “The Jakester–3 months”

  1. I say Abbie but maybe it’s because Katelyn is the only one with a “deer in the headlights look” going on.

  2. Ahhh those three month photos are CLASSIC. love them. Esp Katelyn’s omg omg. You poor mama with the sleeping!!

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