It’s been how long?!

We recently got around to having one of my longtime friends over for dinner. For a few years we’ve lived within 30 minutes of each other but never took the time to catch up until now. For a couple hours, Devin and I talked with him and his lovely wife of just a few months.

We go way back — kindergarten to high school graduation. There aren’t too many people like us that stick in one place for that long. We were never best friends, but since we were both of the band geek crowd we always had friends in common and thus we remained friends.

His parents were well known to my peers and all for good reasons. They were the ones that helped with fun projects at school and chaperoned long distance field trips. So many things I remember. From their gingerbread house modeled after their actual home (I think that was in kindergarten) to playing ping pong on a field trip to Olympia (8th grade) to one day of randomly stopping by their house for an impromptu hangout during the high school days.

It’s funny how people change and yet they are exactly the same as you remember them. We figured that we hadn’t seen each other since high school graduation, more than 13 years ago!

This pic is from our high school graduation, June 2001.

I’m kicking myself for forgetting to take a picture during their visit.

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