A few of my favorites

Last week Jacob turned five months old. There have been some scheduling issues with our pediatrician so I ended up seeing a new doctor locally. I appreciate some of the info she gave me about spitting up. It put me at ease and now I don’t worry about how many burp cloths we burn through in a day. (She calls it a “laundry issue,” not a medical issue. Made me laugh.)

J is just a big kid. At 90th percentile for height and 80th for weight, he feels more like nine months instead of five. We went to the park with a friend the other day. As we sat them next to each other, we realized J is the same size of her eight-month-old. I guess he knows how to eat.

So some of my favorite things about Jacob at this age are:
How much he laughs when Katelyn plays with him. No one can get him going like she can.

How much he is in love with his feet. Diaper changes are hard. Obsessed, I tell you.

He always has something in his mouth, usually fingers or toes.

So far he’s keeping his big smile.

He tries to squeal so loud that it’s actually silent. :)

He’s making attempts to roll onto his tummy, but isn’t there quite yet.

He’s developed a case of grabby hands. Grab it. Get it. Put in mouth.

He’s made major progress with sitting and is often happier when he can sit up.

Here are a few shots of him on the five-month mark.





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  1. He is such a beautiful baby. Is that ok to say about a boy. But its true. So handsome and sounds to be a fun addition to the family.

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