Disgusting parenting

It drives me nuts when I see parents doing stupid things. Stupid things like letting another adult hold their baby in the backseat while they drive along as if they are invincible.

My two stupid parents for this week:

The stupid driver — she drives along in a school zone, with a child in the back seat, and waves me to step in front of her and enter a crosswalk. Dare I? Nope! Instead I yell at her to get off her phone. She seems to be put off by my reaction to her gesture of kindness (for letting me cross). She rolls her eyes as her tires let out an audible screech as she speeds away.

The repulsive father — cries, screams and yells can be heard aisles away as I browse through Target. My shopping goals (and curiosity) bring me closer to
the situation. Then, I see it. An obviously sad, distraught three-ish year old boy who is having a hard time understanding why he can’t have a toy. The kicker is, his “father” is obviously entertained by this commotion as he continually says things to upset him all while taking a video. So I get it–things kids do can be funny and recording worthy. However, after more than 20 minutes of this, my blood was boiling. Where is the dad that picks up his little boy and says, “Son, I know you are tired. It’s late (9:45pm!) These are fun toys. Maybe we come look at them again soon.”

No wonder there are messed up kids making horrible decisions in the world. Step it up, parents.

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