Celebrating six months of survival

Baby J turned six months old last week. To celebrate, we spent the afternoon with the doctor — a checkup for two and flu jabs for four.

This kid weighs in at 18.5 pounds.

I honestly don’t know how that is possible. He is a spitter by profession, so it’s a miracle he’s managed to pack on the pounds.

We started solids a couple weeks ago in hopes of (1) helping with the spitting and (2) helping with sleeping. If it’s possible, the spitting is worse. However, for about a week I have been sleeping through the night. (J may or may not be).

Daytime is an entirely different situation, which I’m at a complete loss for a real solution. What used to be an inconsistent 45 minutes to two hours of random napping has now evolved into very consistent (and unchangeable) 30-minute, two nap habit. I don’t know how to break it. I’ve tried changing feeding times (when he wakes vs before naps), playing with length of awake periods, car rides, rocking, swing, swaddle, leaving him when we wakes after that short of a nap…

I could go on.

For my own sanity, sometimes all I can do is leave him in his crib and try to occupy myself, usually outside so I can’t hear him.

But enough of that…
Jacob sits well on his own now and often prefers that over tummy time. Aside from spitting up, slobbering is another favorite pastime. He spins around on the floor faster than a bottle at a middle school boy-girl party.

My absolute favorite is bath time. Each and every time he’ll be going about his usual business of finger chewing and the likes. Then, I just dip his toes in the water. He will stop in his tracks and then turn to me with the biggest smile. Every time. This is of course followed by a squeal and splash session.

I took some pics a few days ago. I was initially trying to get a feel for the lighting in our living room but J ended up happy and I got a few archive-worthy shots.

So please enjoy the following of our Jakers at six months.
And in the event that my sister accuses me of exaggerating the challenge this boy brings to my life, I’ve included one picture to prove otherwise.




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  1. Hey I haven’t accused you of exaggerating so far. I told mom that I agreed he was a difficult baby. He’s a bit of a fussy one but you still have those fun terrible twos coming. Hooray for making it to 6 months (my favorite age).

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