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As I sit cruising others’ blogs on an insanely hot afternoon, I decided that there must be something I can blog about. So here it is…a blog about quotes.

Several years ago I was fixing something to eat in the kitchen while my mom gabbed with a visiting family member in the living room. My brother came in and after a few minutes he grabbed a scrap of paper and pencil and wrote down the following (or something similar to) “we was supposed to gonna get some.” He found that what he had heard the family member say to my mom to be note worthy. This quote has become a staple in our family. If you don’t know what to say, well….”we was supposed to gonna get some”…always seems to work.

Now for Devin’s family there is always a joke about someone or something. So this one is for Quinton. A while back we all had a good laugh when we found out that Quinton’s favorite subject in 9th grade was “PE” and his least favorite subject was “anything but PE.” I was reminded of Quinton’s 9th grade questionnaire when I was proof reading Devin’s economics paper today. His concluding paragraph started with the following…word for word.

“We may always be able to always accurately measure our choices all the time.”

We both had a good laugh when I read it to him out loud and followed it with a “PE.” Now Devin was laughing just as much as I was but at this point when I am still giggling he says to me, “you’re just so mean sometimes.” So in response to his upcoming teasing I have to say this. When you have a husband who just got accepted to the Masters of Information Systems program…with a 3.95 BYU GPA and a 3.7 overall GPA…just found out he got a freakin’ 97% on his econ midterm…just found out he got a half scholarship for fall semester (and possibly every semester from here on out)…I need something to tease him about. So I just have to say “Devin, no matter what, I will always be your wife…all the time!”

5 thoughts to “Noteworthy Quotes”

  1. BRITTANY!!! :) how the heck are YOU?? RJ and I were supposed to be in Texas this summer too! Cari Ann had told me you would be there, I wanted to try and get together…. anyhoo, RJ’s job didn’t work out so we’re back in Wa Wa. How is life?? No babies? he he. :)

  2. Devin, awesome job. Not that I’m surprised about any of that. You always were a genius. Congrats on the scholarship. And Brittany, thanks for the blog. I’m glad to be able to find out what’s going on with you guys.

  3. Katie! It’s been so long! I’m glad Cari-Ann was linked up to you so we found each other. Things are great….very hot but great. We only have 3 more weeks here then it is back to BYU. And no. No babies. You?

  4. Not bad for a first visit to the site. It will be fun to hear about all your amazing adventures through the combined D&B journal! :D I think we need to also continue the legacy of your food review website as well. I wouldn’t mind putting in my 2 cents.

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