So today I sit at home waiting for a not-so-friendly stomach flu to pass. Fun. So far today I have managed to keep down two glasses of ginger ale and five pieces of my favorite hard candy, Altoids Tangerine Sours. (Wait for it….ok, six!…knock on wood).

I decided not to write any reviews for our food blog today since that tends to either make me really hungry or make me hate food for the moment. Oh what the heck! Let’s get hungry. Yesterday, Devin and I were looking through our pictures of the past year and we found this.

For those of you who don’t know, Devin and I love to make big breakfasts. I know what you are thinking. You just said to yourself, “yeah, but what does that have to do with that wonderful mound of goodness you just showed me?” Well, here is a little history.

When we first go married we wanted to get a really nice waffle iron. We went to William Sonoma where we found this great iron that you flip over after you pour the batter.

After we got it, we tried several recipes and about half a dozen different waffle mixes to see which one was the best. Even after a small $12 canister of mix from William Sonoma, we concluded that the best was…


Snaoqualmie Falls pancake and waffle mix.

Finally, we had the perfect belgian waffle! A little bit of butter and a generous drizzle of the Sal’s secret butter syrup, you were pretty much in heaven. Then…we moved to Utah. So now the best we can do is Krusty’s which pretty much makes the thickest, heaviest, most filling belgian waffle you’ve ever had. So, needless to say, the fancy waffle iron sits in the back of the cupboard while we use a regular, small hole waffle iron (which we now love).

So back to the mound of goodness…yes, this is breakfast. But don’t worry, not everyday. Usually, this is in lieu of “sugar cereal Saturday.” To make, start with the best waffle you possibly can (no Eggo here). Then add fresh, juicy, sweet strawberries. Then add two or three small scoops (like with those handy cookie dough scoopers) of your favorite ice cream. I like vanilla or chocolate for this (or you can use cool whip or cream). And if you are feeling really indulgent, a little Hershey’s syrup never hurt anyone.

Now that’s breakfast!

4 thoughts to “Sitting…waiting…”

  1. I’m so sorry you are sick! I hope it passes quickly. That DOES look like an awesome breakfast. I think I should give it a try…

  2. Ok everytime I look at the first picture on this blog I think to my self “self….what the crap is that brown stuff that looks like crap on those waffles”…why don’t you enlighten us all?

  3. The waffle in the picture actually has neapolitan icecream on it. So the brown stuff is chocolate icecream.

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