Out of sight, out of mind

I couldn’t think of something to blog about. So Devin said, just take the camera and find something around to write about. So, here is the view we have from our bed at my parents house.

Notice anything? Well, besides the oddly placed picture that is hanging between the shelves. That was just my mom making use of an already placed nail. Look closely at the shelves. That’s right. They do not match. The one on the left is a cherry finish and the one on the right is walnut. It’s enough to drive ya crazy! So which one of these doesn’t belong? Well, that brings me to the next subject. The dresser.

Here we have the dresser or “chest of drawers.” My parents have had it as long as I can remember. But, since they now have a nice big walk-in closet, they decided to put it in the guest bedroom. As you can see, it has a nice cherry finish. So I guess that walnut shelf is the odd man out. But wait! What’s that? Oh yes.

Looks like my mom forgot to tell my dad which way to put the handle when it fell off. But hey, it adds a little character, don’t ya think? I guess if you don’t have to stare at it every day like I do, it doesn’t really matter, right?

2 thoughts to “Out of sight, out of mind”

  1. Ha ha, I can’t think of anything to write about either but I totally want to blog about something. Perhaps I should use your method…

  2. This makes me laugh. It’s awesome…and my favorite part is the use of the nail that was previously there…as if the different colors weren’t enough, the picture completely not centered makes it amazing! lol. :)

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