…it was a sign

On our second full day in Hawaii, we got up early and hiked Diamond Head to the lookout.  That was fun and it wasn’t too hot since it was early.

This is a picture of us from the lookout.

Devin wants to know if the sign makes him look fat.

When we got back, we decided to go to the beach.  We got in our swim suits, loaded up our towels, beach mats, and umbrella and headed out.  When we got into the water we started to notice a few rocks on the bottom and thought it’d be a better idea to move further down the beach where we knew there wasn’t any rocks or coral.  So after a few wave rides we slowly made our way back to the shore when…

Ah! Something sharp!  I lifted my foot out of the water where Devin could see it and by the look on his face I knew it wasn’t good.  He carried me to shore but neither of us knew what it was or what to do.  So I made Devin go ask the life guard who was at the station not too far away.  After a few minutes Devin came back and said, “I wish I had better news for you.”  He explained that it was a sea urchin and that the life guards see it all the time.  They are not poisonous but it is nearly impossible to get all of the spines out because they are so brittle.  I started to cry. Partially because it hurt, but mostly because it was only our second day on vacation and things weren’t exactly looking up for me.

The life guard gave Devin an ice pack and a piece of gauze soaked in vinegar.  Devin said that my foot didn’t look that bad and asked if I wanted to see it.  I insisted that I didn’t because I knew that I would panic more if I saw it.  Well, that or pass out.  So Devin pulled out what he could and then carried me about 5 blocks back to the hotel.  For the next 2 days I sat and watched TV while my foot soaked in vinegar.   Luckily we planed to go to the North Shore after that so we had a car and I didn’t have to walk as much. And here is a picture of my foot…

In hind sight, Cari-Ann would say, “it was a sign.”  If I had just taken a few minutes to study those Hawaiian marine life posters, maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

And this is a picture of the poster in our room.  The little black prickly looking thing right in the middle is what I stepped on.  Well, not that one but probably one of it’s step-sisters or something.

4 thoughts to “…it was a sign”

  1. Ya I don’t know if it was a sign but serves you right for going to Ha-why-eee(ya know the way a certain loved one would say it….like the locals) ya and I could have done without seeing your foot!

  2. Oh my gosh! Your poor foot. I hope it didn’t ruin the rest of the trip for you. Do the little spiny pieces come out on their own or do they become a part of you like the gravel in my elbow from my hurdle fall in high school? I can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

  3. That really sucks. I’m sorry. At least you had a big strong man to carry you back, right?

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