We made it!

We finally made it to Honolulu around 7pm which I guess isn’t too bad considering we were supposed to get there at 2pm. We took the city bus which had the craziest driver ever.  He liked to accelerate suddenly then hit the brakes…suddenly.  Devin called it the Harry Potter bus.  We got to the hotel to find this:

Oh my.  Suddenly I had flash backs to all those over used, under kept, old dorm rooms that I had stayed in during field trips in high school.  Well, shoot.  What-do-ya-do?  So the next morning we got up at 4:30am (thanks to the different time zones) and headed to Walmart to get a few things.  Among those few things, a nice $4 sheet for the bed.  Maybe it didn’t do much but I felt better about it.  On the up side, the AC worked great, nothing smelled, there were no bugs, and we had a full size fridge.

The décor was outdated to say the least.  On the wall there were posters of Hawaii marine life.  What the heck is that for?  Who wants to know what kind of critters they are swimming with?  Not me!  Well, maybe I should have paid closer attention.

2 thoughts to “We made it!”

  1. I was almost getting excited for our trip this week until I read this!!!! I’m sure glad we didn’t opt to stay in the same hotel – you know you will be in trouble if ours is as bad (I’ll change hotels, rather than buy new sheets). I’m going to buy water shoes tomorrow and dad already has his. Any other warnings? I hope you had fun sometime. The pictures looked like you were having fun. Mom

  2. Ha wa ya was great!
    PCC is cheesy but thanks for poi!
    Shaved ice is THE MAIN treat.
    We put three tanks of gas into our CONVERTIBLE Jeep and went 4-wheeling on North shore!
    After reading the manual few times we took the top off and within half an hour the typhoon came! (Not really just plain rain).
    We checked out 3 million plus “shack” on the North shore beach – only thing stopping us from mowing is 3 million plus. (Donation gratefully accepted).
    Air travel sucks big time.
    Biggest loss – US Department of agriculture confiscated my huge unripened mango ( about 3 times of size you get in Wal – Mart).
    We arrived on “Hurricane One” (per pilot) and from that point vacation fun was and still is over.
    Agnes did not work in downtown Waikiki.
    Visiting Arizona memorial cemetery was a sombering experience.
    Wondering why Japanese tourists visit that place – it is not a museum!
    They serve spam in “fine” downtown greasy spoons.

    PS Spend yesterday and today lifting MRE’s, bags of ice and plastic bottles filled with water.
    Life is great!

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