An update on my foot

I decided that once we got back to Utah I would go to the Health Center to get my foot checked. I don’t have the most confidence in BYU doctors…ever…but what do ya do. So on Tuesday I went and this doctor actually seemed somewhat competent. He was the only one who seemed to know what was going on. The medical assistant that took me to my room didn’t even know what a sea urchin was (oh come on!). The doctor said there were no signs of infection and soaking it in epsom salt water would help the healing process. And then he asked, “when was your last tetanus shot?” I told him 2001 and he said, “well, we usually recommend 10 years for tetanus but when there is an injury we recommend another shot unless you’ve had it within 5 years.”

Crap! So he sent me to the immunizations room where the nurse told me that the County Health Department was having a “special” on tetanus shots. What? Do they have 2-for-1’s on open heart surgery too? Just kind of funny. So I asked the nurse what the hours were and she said, “they are open today.” (Wait, did I say, ‘are they open today?’) So I said, “yeah, but what are their hours?” She said, “when did the injury occur?” I said, “two weeks ago.” Then she proceeded to tell me how important it was for me to go there right away and I couldn’t wait one minute even though I was still within the 10 year coverage, and there were no signs of issues, and it had already been 2 weeks! What the heck lady?! Like I have nothing better to do than to rush over to the Health Department to wait in line for three hours…while missing the fist day of classes.

So I ignored her warning and went the next day and since Devin was almost due for another shot and the new ones contain whooping cough immunization, we decided that he would get one, too. You know, since they were having a special and all.

Our last few days in Hawaii

We decided that for our last few days in Hawaii we would try and make the best of it.  For the last three days we committed to watching the sunset every night.  You would think this would be a simple task but because of the time change, going to the beach at 7pm (which was midnight Houston time) wasn’t always something we wanted to do.  But it was fun and worth it every time. 




Just waiting for the sun to set.


We spent the last two days just sitting on the beach under our umbrella.  The last day, we borrowed beach chairs from our hotel and sat with our feet in the water while we were under our umbrella.  As we sat on the beach we discovered one more reason why I don’t like swimming in the ocean. 


Crabs. So dipping my feet in the water was sufficient for me. Other than that, the last few days went well.  On the way home, we had a red-eye flight.  I probably wouldn’t do that in the future but it wasn’t too bad.  When we got home to my parents house, we took a few hours to finish packing our car and we were on the road towards Utah! 

Hawaii continued

Over the weekend we decided to rent a car.  We were lucky to get a convertible for just $35 a day. We headed up to the North Shore and our first stop was the Dole Pineapple Plantation.  Their claim to fame is their "world’s largest maze".  Unfortunately, we didn’t go since walking was limited for me. So we just browsed around their gift shop.  They had a snack bar with soft serve pineapple ice cream.  When we saw it we knew we had to get some.  We decided to just share one cone because it was $4.50. 


If we were to go back, we would definitely get the pineapple split.  Sure, it costs $10.50 but when you consider two people getting their own cone, it’s worth it. When we saw it we were shocked how big it was.  There was this guy who got one and as he held it you could tell he was slightly embarrassed because it was so huge! Devin just had to get a picture of it.


After Dole, we went to the North Shore where there is a small tourist town that wasn’t too busy.  We had lunch at a bakery with the missionaries.  When Devin saw them he decided to offer to pay for their meal.  They said thanks but they eat there for free since it is owned by members.  What are the chances?  I told Devin later that he should have asked them to get us a cookie since they don’t get charged.  I was half kidding. So we sat and chatted asking them about things we should do and where to eat. On the Food Network we had seen a shaved ice place that served their cones with vanilla ice cream or beans (weird) and was supposedly the best place.   We asked the Elders if it really mattered where we got shaved ice and they were very convincing that there is a difference.  So we got a snow cone with vanilla ice cream on the bottom.  The result?  Not a fan of the ice cream and the shaved ice tasted just the same as the one we got at Diamond Head. IMG_0863

This is just a random picture on the North Shore.  I was trying to get a picture of the pretty green mountain but it took a little too long to get the camera out.  So this is one of those "hold the camera high up over your head, aim behind you and hope you get something" pictures.

During the rest of our drive we made a stop at BYU Hawaii just to see what it looked like.  Everything was closed so there wasn’t much we could look at on the small campus.  We drove up to the temple.  The drive to the Hawaii Temple is one of my favorites.  You turn down this street which is lined with palm trees and beautiful flowers that frame the temple perfectly.  Just driving up the road you know that there is something special about the building.

Other than that, we spent most of our time checking out nearly every beach on the way back to Waikiki, trying to find one that stayed shallow for a while so you could see if there were any critters (ie sea urchins).  Seems like that type of beach just doesn’t exist there.  There is not a lot of shore line and they always drop off relatively quickly.   But we did find a beach that ending up being our favorite.  I’ll make sure Devin posts an entry about that soon.