Girl’s Night Out

This last weekend was of course General Conference weekend.  All the boys went to Priesthood session while the girls went for a night on the town.  Ok, so as much "on the town" as you can get in Utah Valley.  Saturday night is the time when every mall, craft store, and scrapbook places has "huge giveaways" and "mega sales".  One year Robin and I made the mistake of going to Roberts for "girls night out."  It was a mess!  They advertised all these great sales and take home free projects.  They should have called it a Primary activity.  Everything was aimed towards five or six year old girls.  The lines were long, they ran out of supplies quickly and it just wasn’t worth it. 

So not this time!  We were determined to beat the system.  The five of us girls (plus little Kaden) decided to meet at Olive Garden in Provo at 5pm.  We knew it would be crazy busy so Katie and I showed up early to get on the waiting list.  Once everyone got there we only waited about 10 minutes to be seated.  Generally, everything went smoothly.  Then we realized with got quite the yacker for our waiter.  He was great at keeping us informed about things but then became overbearing. Then he told us that we were his only table….great. Robin and Megan decided to tell the waiter that it was my birthday (which they shouldn’t have because they were two days early).  So a group of servers came over and chanted some birthday song, which I couldn’t understand. But what the heck?!  No free desert?!  What is the point of telling them it is your birthday if you don’t get something out of it?  Don’t go to Olive Garden for your birthday…they don’t even give you an extra mint.

Anyway, after dinner we went bowling.  It was fun.  I spent about four frames trying to figure out how to spin the ball.  I still don’t get it.  So here is a picture of all of us.



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