It’s your birfday…

So Monday was my birthday.  On Sunday we had a family dinner with Devin’s family where we celebrated  both of our birthdays.  Dave and Robin got Devin some gift certificates to two of his favorite restaurants.  I got a sparkly paper stack (love the sparkles) and some clear stamps. We also got some soap and gift cards from Megan and Shawn, too. 

Devin absolutely spoiled me for my birthday!  After work on Monday, he scheduled me for a massage, which was very nice.  For dinner we got my favorite veggie pizza from Papa Murphy’s and an ice cream cake from Baskin Robins.  Devin got me a crystal nail file, a jacket, pliers set (for jewelry making), and some of my favorite foods.  Then when I thought we were done, he was like, “oh yeah….one more.”  He brought out this package and I opened it.  A Cricut! 

For those who don’t know, a Cricut is this machine that Provo Craft makes for scrapbooking.  It is really cool because it cuts all these shapes and letters out of paper with just the push of a few buttons.  So for now, I am totally over stocked on everything I could ever need for scrapbooking.  So for anyone who is thinking about getting me scrapbooking suppliers for a gift, think again.  Unless you want to buy me a extra room where I can put everything and work on it….hmmm….someday.

3 thoughts to “It’s your birfday…”

  1. Oh man, I have been eying a Circut every time I go to Walmart. Do you think I would use it enough to be worth the money it would cost? Is it easy to figure out and how big and small of letters can it make? Are the supplies to go with it expensive? Will I get tempted to buy a bunch of add ons? I know nothing about them, but they look like something I would really like to have. Glad you had a happy Bday. Love Mom

  2. Well, happy late birthday you guys! My friend has a Cricut and loves it. I wish I could say I was into the whole scrapbooking thing, but I just can’t, Hope your cake was good. I’m glad you are all scrapbooked up. Enjoy all your gifts

  3. You live in Provo now? I wish I would have known. We were just there and I could have wished you happy birthday in person! Zach was just doing some recruiting there so we were all in Utard. Oh well, hope your 26th b-day was the best yet!

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