Growing up many people asked if Cari-Ann and I were twins.

It was especially disturbing when our 5th grade teacher asked if we were twins.  Yes, that would be after she had Cari-Ann one year, then me the next (genius).  There were several times when we had people totally convinced, even in college.

But it’s days like this that you probably would have thought that we are twins.  Here is what I made today for the girls that I visit teach.

As you can hopefully see, I put a quote from Margaret D Nadauld from this month’s visiting teaching message.

Now go check out Cari-Ann’s blog to see what she did today.  Funny….

3 thoughts to “Twins?”

  1. Crap I bet they were home made too? Dang it you are always trying to better than me. Aren’t you proud of me for being scrappy?

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