Crazy dreams

I don’t normally remember my dreams. In fact, it is quite rare that I remember them but this past weekend I remember waking up several times being very concerned about what I kept dreaming about one night.  It was last Friday night.  I had invited my old roommate and scrapbook-supply-buying buddy Mari (yes, we only buy scrapbook stuff together–we never actually scrapbook together) to go to a scrapbook sale with me.  It was at the Pebbles, Inc warehouse which is just across the parking lot where I work….dangerous, I know.  We were to go on Saturday even though the sale started on Friday.  Well, all night all I could dream about was that when we showed up, everything was gone. There was no great deal to be had.  So sad.

So then I got thinking about these other dreams that I have all the time.  Well, at least they are just about the only ones that I really remember. 

The first one is where I am either in high school or middle school in PE class.  They always had these little ghetto basket lockers for our gym clothes.  Well, I always dream that it is time to change clothes and get ready for class but then I forget my locker combination.  Either that or I forget how to actually use the combination lock. (You know….three turns to the right, then left past the first number to the second number, etc).  So stressful.


The other dream I have had repeatedly is again, when I am in high school.  With my new found freedom as a senior…with a car….I start out the year great and attend Seminary every day.  Then, I stop.  I never go again.  And I don’t graduate from Seminary.  My, my…more than three years of getting up at 5am….wasted.  I feel so guilty.

3 thoughts to “Crazy dreams”

  1. Oh man I totally have that seminary dream all the time and you are it it too and we don’t graduate seminary. It is horrible. What does it mean? oh what does it MEAN?

  2. The seminary dream, I am sure, is all about guilt that you are still holding on to. You really shouldn’t have talked your dad into McDonald’s for breakfast or a hot chocolate from the espresso stand nearly every day. Now it will haunt you all of your life! If Cari-Ann isn’t having that dream too – she should be.

    I still have the locker dream on occasion myself. Only when I was in school we had a locker to keep our coat and books in. I’m sick and tired of that dream!


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