This seems to be a trend among my frequented blogs so I thought I’d join in and let you peak into my soul…sort of.  Some of you might notice a similarity between my confessions and yours.  I guess that’s why we are friends.  So here goes…

1. I never had a myspace account.  I never had a facebook account.  Until now.  I know, I’m slow.  But we went to a "networking" dinner and the speaker asked everyone who had a facebook account to raise their hand.  (about 99%) Then he asked for everyone who didn’tIMG_1172 have one to raise their hand….not a chance.  But now, I’m networking.

2. I love Costco.  There is just something about "sitting easy" knowing there is plenty of toilet paper in the cabinet.  You know, just incase there is a major flood….of anything.

3. One of my pet peeves is a dirty white board (not to be confused with a dirty white boy–though that might be just as bad).  You know….all of that lint that get’s left behind?  Or better yet, all those words you write that for some reason don’t fully erase.  (shivers)

4. I have this habit of never finishing the last sip or two of my drink.  It drives Devin crazy.  But hey, if you grew up with well water and there was always sand in the bottom of your glass because of an earthquake that happened a few years before, you wouldn’t take the last gulp either. Habits happen.

5. There are two things that I couldn’t live without.  My Devin and Tivo. Every week I watch the Office, House, My Name is Earl (though the series is not as good as it once was), Survivor (now in HD might I add), daily episodes of Oprah and sometimes The View. But it’s ok–with Tivo it takes about 2/3 the time it normally would so really I am saving time.

6. For those who don’t know, there is a distinct difference between messy and dirty.  I am messy (working on that), not dirty.

7.  Incase you missed my post a while ago about senioritis, there is more.  I may or may not have gotten C’s on the first two tests of the semester. The jury is still out on how much of a curve the teachers will grant and how well I was able to BS my way through the essay questions (which I am usually pretty good at BTW).

8. I love to buy scrapbook, crafting, and office supplies.  I like to scrapbook, craft, and use different pens.  This might be becoming a problem. IMG_1179

9. I listen to the Dr. Laura radio show every day on my way home from work.  My mom would be proud.

10. I used to be pretty dang good at gymnastics.  But that was in middle school.  Not my favorite picture in the yearbook BTW.

11. I can still dominate most girls in a pushup contest.  And not those wimpy half pushups from the knees either.

12.  And…well, I just felt like I needed to have an even 12.

2 thoughts to “Confessions…”

  1. Dr. Laura!! haha. funny. My mom used to listen to that lady everyday… now she’s switched to Dori Monson. lol.

  2. Ok, I just have to say that #5 is my favorite. I can’t live without my Devin…aww. That’s just cute. I think I might like scrapbooking if the stuff were say free. Thank you for sharing your randomness

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