A change of scenery

Check it out! 

Yep, we up a moved a few weeks ago.  I know it is really sudden and we really only started thinking about it about two weeks before but we thought, heck, why not?  let’s ditch the dump we live in, lose the hole in the ceiling, and just go for it.

Disclaimer: please note that we have been on vacation for the last few days, aren’t fully unpacked, and are slightly messy people.

It is four bedroom…(that’s right, count them!)



Two….(Devin’s work room)


Three…(my craft room!)



Four. (storage)

(uh, you don’t need to see that.)



…Two bath







Granite counter tops. 

Not just here….


But here too!



20" tiled kitchen and bath floors

New washer and dryer (included!)

Microwave over the stove…

View of the mountains (partially)


The place is pretty nice.  One really annoying thing though….



Who makes kitchen drawers only 6.5 inches wide?! 


**So no more bugs all the time.  No more crappy parking because management still hasn’t painted lines in the lot.  No more hearing our newlywed neighbors for what seemed like all hours of the night AND day. No more holes in the ceiling (yes, still the same issue from when we first moved in a YEAR AND A HALF AGO!). No more crappy management.  No more overdraft fees from our rent check clearing at the end of the month (instead of the beginning like it should). No more crappy carpet. No more stinky kitchen cabinets that make it so I have to wash every pan twice (once before I cook to get the smell of and after to clean it). No more dish washer on wheels (yep, we actually have one under the counter now). No more fluctuating utility fees (flat rate, baby!) No more scraping snow off the car in the morning (parking garage). No more "I’m fat" (well, sort of) because there is a fitness center on sight.



**OK so the place wasn’t that bad.  It’s just that the new one is sooo much better.  It’s gonna suck to move out of here. :o(

4 thoughts to “A change of scenery”

  1. That looks so nice! I’m jealous of your craft room, but not so much of your skinny drawers, hee hee. I guess there is always some give and take. Have fun living there!

  2. Wow, that’s crazy. Seems like such a nice place. 4 bedrooms? and granite countertop! Someone sounds spoiled to me! Just kidding. Enjoy your new place

  3. Wow, you moved! We go away for Christmas and then bam, you move?! Did you move out of the ward? (Obviously tomorrow will be the first day back to the ward from the holidays!)

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