Speaking of goals

Last semester was not one of my favorites and that is probably an understatement.

The goal: survive

Grades: pass just enough so it counts

(in other words, no less than a C- in each class). 

Oddly enough things just seemed to work out.  From the extreme curve on tests (often exceeding a 10% increase which I gladly accepted) to “free” points just for showing up.  I admit, I was overwhelmingly nervous about my grade in one of my classes.  It is always scary when you check your score for a final and see “58%” next to your ID number. (not that it’s happened more than once…or twice). But when a 58% turns into a 73%, I’ll take it.


So, to sum things up the goal was a semester GPA of 2.0.  The results?  (drum roll please….)









3.13!  Two B’s and a B+, baby! 

Yeah, I’ll take that.

One thought to “Speaking of goals”

  1. Ugh… I remember the dread of walking out of the testing room to look up at the monitor of death. I definitely got a 54% on my Chem 105 final but that turned into a C+!! Oh, I miss beautiful BYU.

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