Just a quick blip about the holidays.

We spent Christmas Eve doing some baking.  I made two of the Sal family traditional treats:  pecan sandies and candy cane cookies. We also tried homemade marshmallows.  Last year my VT-ing partner made some and they were delicious.  Mine didn’t turn out like hers so maybe we will have to try a different recipe. 

On Christmas we had dinner at Devin’s parents’ home after which we did a gift exchange.  Unfortunately, I’m not sure where all the pictures went from all of this.

For New Year’s eve we were supposed to have everyone over to our place to play games and eat lots of good food.  For some reason, the plans got changed at the last minute.  There was a lot of confusion whether or not anyone should bring food and by the time we figured that we should, Costco was out of EVERYTHING.  Bummer.  So we ditched the party, went to Taco Time and went to bed.  Fun.

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