My favorite food

For Christmas Devin gave me a gift certificate to my favorite restaurant:  Ixtapa. There was one problem with that…it’s in Washington.  So of course the next gift was tickets to Seattle!

We only went for a four days of which we spent most of our time eating food. 

This is my favorite food ever!  Of course to be my favorite it has to be from Ixtapa. "Very hot plate" they always say.



This is my Devin showing off his burgers at the Ranch Drive-In in Bothell.


This is us in front of Maltby Cafe.



And this is us on the Mulkilteo waterfront.



And now we start our diets….

3 thoughts to “My favorite food”

  1. Oh man….I love ixtapa. I hear you have some juicy details from your visit…which I am dying to hear!

  2. Doesn’t suprise me one bit to hear that Devin spent a whole vacation eating food. I have no idea about that restaurant, must have been the other side of Washington only? I’m so glad you guys got to go back for a while. Man, he gives you great presents!

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