What Not To Wear

I’m sure you all know what that means.  It’s a TV show on TLC.  It’s pretty much the best show ever!  We have cable again and I have a lonely two classes this semester so I’ve found myself wasting a lot of time watching TLC and the Food Network.  I know–what a waste. Especially since we have a 42" TV (furnished) and NOTHING is HD.  So sad.

Anyway, every time I watch WNTW I think how much I really need a new pair of jeans.  About a year ago I coughed up $17 for a pair from Kohls.  And like most $17 jeans, they have lost their shape, are too short to even get buy, the button hole is fraying, and etc., etc.  It’s just not worth the money I’d save to have to buy new jeans that often.

SO, today I went out to accomplish my mission.  I started at Downeast Outfitters.  They have some cute jeans and I figured I could find some under $50.  I tried on every pair in my size, the size up, and the size down (they lack a little consistency).  I found a pair that would work-ish.  I wanted them a little longer, and a lot darker. They were the best so far but I wasn’t convinced.  Surely there was something that would fit my apparently odd shaped bottom half.  I decided I’d just go to their other location and see what they had.  But first, a stop at the mall.

I needed a bra.  Not just any bra, but one that fit.  I went to Victoria Secret.  Yeah, no.  The sales people don’t know what they are doing.  My first clue was when I saw one measuring a girl over her oversized sweatshirt.  I told the girl what I was wearing and that I needed something bigger (sorry, is this too much info?). She proceeded to hand me something a size smaller.  Wait, what?  So after trying on a few, I decided I needed to go somewhere where a) they know what they are doing and b) they carry things in my size. 

I went to Nordstrom where I’d had great experiences and awesome bras before.  I wasn’t thrilled about spending so much but thinking how their bras lasted me a good three years as apposed to maybe two uncomfortable years with VS. The girl that works there was in our last ward and she totally knew what she was doing.  Needless to say, I left with a great bra that wasn’t anywhere near the size the VS girl said I was (or tried to put me in).

On the way out, I stopped at Shade, just for kicks.  I tried on a swimsuit top…nope.  As I was leaving I saw this cute tank top on the clearance rack: $3.99.  Oh what the heck, I’ll try anything on for four bucks! And I got it.

Next, the Gap.  Up until the last two years or so I used to buy many things from the Gap clearance racks.  But lately I’ve been disappointed for how little they actually had on them.  I looked around, found nothing, and started to leaven when….WAIT!  What is that?  Oh yeah–a good 20ft section of clearance stuff!  It was in the back of the men’s section, not the women’s.  Now that doesn’t make any sense, does it? So I took a peak, and BINGO!  An awesome pair of jeans at a great price.

So Stacy and Clinton, see how all this looks…



Nordstrom bra: $66 (yikes but totally worth it)

Shade tank: $4 (yeah, baby)

Gap jeans: $21 (score! dark wash, straight leg and everything)

khaki jacket: $21 (so I got this months ago but it goes, right? and did I mention "nipped at the waist"?)

Oh, and how do you like the new hair cut?  Not a drastic change (keep in mind it’s the end of the day after trying on a bunch of clothes) but it has a little more character than before.  Ok, so you can’t tell that by the picture at all but who cares, I like it. 

I’m pretty excited.




4 thoughts to “What Not To Wear”

  1. Ya remember how we used to only buy Gap jeans. Ya now I am back on them too. Mine were $30 on sale at the Gap Outlet. You also forgot to mention one part of your outfit…..your cowboy boots!

  2. I SO feel your pain. I’ve never been a fan of Victoria’s Secret. I’ve decided it’s a name brand and nothing more. No quality.

    I have a hard time with jeans as well but I’ve found ones that are awesome for me. Do you want me to share? Ok, I will. I love American Eagle but they never seem to fit until I tried the Favorite Boyfriend and it rocks! Not skanky like all the rest and so comfy! I think they are $29.50 – $49.50 regular price. The $29.50 rock.

  3. Yeah, you look super cute! And I really like your hair. It looks longer to me even though you just got it cut but whatever, it looks great!

  4. Haha, I just went to Courtney as well on Tuesday to get a bra, one that fits this time, though I usually also go to VS, and I got a great one that fits!! It was more than I wanted to spend, but now I know how I’m supposed to wear bras. Anyway, great finds!

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