Oh the bathrooms

For those who are not familiar with the BYU campus, let me let you in on a few secrets about that bathroom situation. 

Not every bathroom is created equally.  There’s generally three types: the bathrooms in the exercise/health buildings, the bathrooms in the Wilk and then every other bathroom. 

For some reason, BYU thinks that people who are the health-type majors don’t care about the cleanliness or condition of the bathrooms that they use.  In the two health buildings, I feel like I am in my old middle school where you have to stuff TP in the hole where the door lock should be or hold the door shut while you are doing your business.  I’m surprised they don’t have that powdered soap to top it all off.  Oh, and you can’t forget the beautiful graffiti in the stalls.


Then, there are all the “other” bathrooms.  These are usually well kept, clean and all is functioning properly.  The doors shut.  There are hooks and/or shelves to put your stuff on.  There is nice foam soap, etc., etc.  In the “other” category, my pick for the best one would be in the library next to the periodicals.  That thing must have 30 stalls in it.  It’s crazy!


And last but definitely not least, there are the main bathrooms in the Wilk. Yesterday I had the privilege of using one.  They are actually smaller than I would recommend for such a busy building but man, have they done some upgrades lately.  Personally, I think these upgrades are over-the-top, verging on downright ridiculous.  But hey, who I am to judge where the tithing dollars go?  Here are the few things that I noticed about the place:


1. Automatic toilets. (I hate these BTW) Now, I am not sure if they were like that before but you will see in a moment why I just had to list this one for emphasis.

2. Automatic/sensor faucets.  I’m pretty sure these were new.  But big deal. You see these everywhere.

3.  Automatic/sensor soap dispenser.  This was definitely new.  I actually didn’t care for it much but whatever.

4. Automatic/sensor hand dryer.  Again, not a big deal.  But when you see and use this thing, you think, what the heck?  It’s a Dyson and it’s completely over the top.  Here is a link if you want to see what I mean. http://www.dysonairblade.com/homepage.asp (the paper towel dispensers where already the kind that kick out another towel after you take one so why this was needed? I don’t know).

5. Automatic/sensor hand sanitizer dispenser.  Within the last year or so, BYU has installed hand sanitizer dispensers in all the bathrooms.  I guess the theory is, if they are not going to wash their hands (yuck), maybe they’ll opt for a quick squirt on the way out. Again, this one is automatic.  Superfluous really.

(here comes the kicker)

6. Automatic toilet paper dispensers.  Wait, WHAT?!  So I get why you would want auto a lot of things (like for sanitary reasons) but a TP dispenser?!  Last time I checked, I didn’t rub my hands all over anything besides the TP when getting the TP.  What’s the point?


So seriously, couldn’t they use the money on new locks in the health buildings instead of spending it on auto everything?  Oh, good old BYU.

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